Weaving the Cloth

September 9-16, 2019

threads on the loomStep into an ancient lineage and find the grounding and grace that comes from weaving threads into cloth. A beginning weaving class where students will learn all aspects of how to approach a floor loom: warping, dressing and weaving the beauty herself. Through harnessing our tender attention on the complexly simple, repeatable task of weaving mere threads in cloth – we encounter our radical agency as creators, story-keepers, time teller, and find new ways of being ourselves as a force of quiet change on the planet.
This is the third class in a three part choose your own adventure in farm to finish textiles. Feel free to take one, two, or all three consecutive classes!



Weaving700.00 USD
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*If you are interested in a work-study position, please see our work study page and email this class’s facilitator here .

Jessica Green is a wildcat weaver of humans and threads. Jessica lives and works in Appalachia,
where the roots of weaving are deep. In making contemporary heirlooms that contribute to our craft heritage, she works to bring a threadbare history back into consideration. Jessica weaves to slow the world down.