Threads of Three Textile Series

September 2-16, 2019

This a three part textile adventure- we will begin with processing and spinning fleece, grown by the brave sheep we share our life with here at the Cabbage School. We will then spend the weekend asking plants for permission to alchemize them into color- and we will dye the yarn we learned to spin! Finally, we’ll spend the last week weaving our something’s into nothing and nothing’s into something grander than we could imagine.

This will be a humbling and empowering experience of the creative power that lives within our thumbs. We will find ourselves connecting deeper and deeper into the web that makes human’s a graceful part of a living ecosystem. Glory Be!

Please see links to the individual parts of this class, which may be taken separately or as a whole series:

Part I: Spinning the Thread

Part II: Collecting the Color

Part III: Weaving the Cloth



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*If you are interested in a work-study position, please see our work study page and email this class’s facilitator here .

Jessica Green is a wildcat weaver of humans and threads. Jessica lives and works in Appalachia,
where the roots of weaving are deep. In making contemporary heirlooms that contribute to our craft heritage, she works to bring a threadbare history back into consideration. Jessica weaves to slow the world down.