Spinning The Thread

September 2-6

SPINNING WHEELhow, oh how, do we begin? only with the threads we spin.
Beginning with drop spindles, we’ll learn how to spin a year of growth into a single thread. Working with wool grown on the Cabbage School farm, folks will learn to wash, card, comb and spin from raw fleece. We’ll work with drop spindles and spinning wheels- bring a wheel if you have one.
We’ll discuss the nuances of how to look at raw fleece and the composition and science of wool. We will learn how to spin worsted and woolen yarns- and the distinct difference therein. We’ll experiment with tweeds and “art yarns” and funky compositions. And we’ll talk about the difference between knitting and weaving yarns. There will also be other fibers available to dive into- cotton, linen, and sparkles.
This is the first part of a three part choose your own adventure textile class series on spinning, dyeing and weaving. View the combined series here.



Spinning500.00 USD
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*If you are interested in a work-study position, please see our work study page and email this class’s facilitator here .

Jessica Green is a wildcat weaver of humans and threads. She lives and works in Appalachia,
where the roots of weaving are deep. In making contemporary heirlooms that contribute to our craft heritage, Jessica works to bring a threadbare history back into consideration. She is also the founder and director of the Cabbage School.
Jessica weaves to slow the world down.