Landscape Mapping

August 10-14, 2019

Map by Yao Tong and Thatch Gerike, 2017
“Shouldn’t we try to understand before intervening, pause long enough to assess the parameters of the place, its complexity, and finally how to be a part of it?”
Gilles Clement, The Planetary Garden, 1999
Using The Cabbage School as a site of investigation, this class will introduce participants to methods of observing, understanding, and representing landscape systems—topography, water, geology, climate, and vegetation. We will invent creative and rigorous drawing languages to both capture the complexity of a site and inspire potential site-based interventions and responses. Over the course of 5 days, we’ll learn to read the site, co-create unique and beautiful representational drawing languages, and collectively produce landscape maps of Cabbage School’s terrain from the scale of a yarrow patch to the scale of Western North Carolina. Following the principles of “observe in order to act” and “work with instead of against,” the class will be a foundation in a series that coincides with an ongoing design process of the school: mapping, intuition, intervention, and reconsideration.


Landscape Mapping500.00 USD
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*One full-tuition scholarship is available for this class. If you are interested in a scholarship or work-study position, please see our scholarship & work-study page and email this class’s facilitator here .

Bonnie-Kate Walker is a landscape designer focused on creating living systems that engage multiple species, encourage vibrant ecologies, and create an immersive cultural experience. With a background in cultural anthropology, she is committed to understanding and influencing the relationship between humans and their environments. She is a co-founder and member of Office of Living Things, a design collective whose recent projects include a social justice-oriented youth education center in the Hudson, NY and an exhibit of fieldwork on the Dakota Access Pipeline’s landscape of resistance. She is also a designer at Future Green Studio, where she contributes to the research, design, and construction of urban ecologies. She received her BA from the University of Chicago, and her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia. Though she is currently based in Brooklyn, she is originally from Tennessee and her heart is tethered to the Southern Appalachians.