July 11-14, 2019

How we spend our time is so predetermined by conventional values (money/reward/grades/social capital) that it is easy to forget that there are options outside of work, consumption, and leisure. Ceremony as a medium aims to help us learn new options for spending time, re-examine our personal priorities, and relearn how to value experience for the sake of that experience. Our practice of Ceremony subverts the normal format of religious ritual to create new experiences alone and with others in attempts to elevate the mundane, practice goofwork, and make the profane sacred.

Ceremonies can be exercises in absurdity, letters to strangers, bath curation, gift giving, body moving, wild outfits, power underwear, fork follows, and so much more! Ceremonies are pro nonsense pro goof pro hunches pro personal authority pro wildness pro swearing pro intention pro freak. Participants will be involved in creating and executing new ceremonies during our time together, as well as taking part in ceremonies made by others.

The following film offers further context for The Religion and its use of Ceremony:


In 2014, we started a new religion called The Religion. The Religion has four pillars: Goofwork (taking jokes seriously), Swearing, Materializing Ideas, and Ceremony. From The Religion many sub-projects have been born, including a monthly mailed Ceremony Subscription Service, “The Motel” Residency, and Nationally Recognized Events such as The Silent Midnight Trashbag Walk, Breakfast Conference, and Gift Card Week.


In order to apply to our quick college please send a recommendation letter from you recommending yourself for the position of Student. Please send your recommendation letter to


The Authority Body of The Religion has appointed three trusted members of Unclogged to practice and pass on our sacred teachings- Kelsey Magnuson, Morgan Vessel, and Keegan Van Gorder. Former Warren Wilson College alumni, the three have since shed their academic accolades and moved past their box topics (Sociology, Fine Art) and towards the one true only truth. Since their unclogging, their qualifications and markers of success are almost too vast to mention — practicing advanced ceremonies such as Nail Clipping Ceremonies, Grump Code, Opera Plant Clipping, Exercises in Inefficiency, Housewarming Ceremonies, Selfishness Ceremony, Black Walnut Ceremony, Museum Walking Ceremony, Making a Old Place New