Flax to Linen: Processing Flax Fibers for Spinning

July 6, 2019

processing flaxA beginning fibers class where students walk through each step from growing flax at home to processing it into thread. Students will learn the full process and necessary tools for growing and processing flax, and will work together to spin thread that can be taken home. Throughout this journey we will talk about flax’s history throughout the central Appalachian region, our history of fibers and the many lessons we can learn from the plant itself.



Processing Flax100.00 USD
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*One full-tuition scholarship is available for this class. If you are interested in a scholarship or work-study position, please see our scholarship & work-study page and email this class’s facilitator here .


Candace MullinsCANDACE MULLINS has always called Kentucky home and has held a deep connection to fiber since she was a young girl. Currently working in the field of food systems in Appalachia, she began a journey to connect her fiber and food work and landed with flax more than 3 years ago. Her own personal fiber walk has led her to discover a heritage of spider magic through ancestral fiber traditions in weaving, spinning and the home production of flax and cotton. She is excited about the continued lessons of flax and natural fibers and a connection to what and who has come before.