Destructive Writing

March 26-30, 2019

The Situationist International once argued that art and the principles of artistic creation often become the avant-garde of capitalism and control. An example of this today is how Silicon Valley and many tech start ups often require their workers to be ‘creative’. This seminar will be a critical and experimental investigation into some of the problems and challenges of creative writing. Part poetry reading, part writing workshop, part theoretical discussion and part experimental improvisational theater  we will look at the work of 5 contemporary poets whose work prioritizes refusal: the refusal of the culture industry, the refusal of genders and identities, the refusal of borders, prisons and social constraints, and the refusal of cynicism and complacency. The goal is to sketch out a destructive writing practice that could emerge as a lived reality shared by many people, places, things, plants, animals. Though the seminar will focus on theater and poetry, the objective is to develop a knowledge of different techniques and literary forms that could be applied to any type of writing – fiction, essays, political theory, etc. The seminar will end with a collaborative play during which many things will be joyfully destroyed. No experience is necessary and no one will be judged on the quality of their writing.
We will read work by Diane di Prima, Amiri Baraka, Anna Mendelssohn, Jack Spicer, Frances Kruk, Sean Bonney, Galina Rymbu and Tongo Eisen Martin.


TUITION: Sliding Scale $25-$250

This is a sliding scale class! All proceeds from this class go toward utilities and maintenance at The Cabbage School. Thank you for paying what you can. No one will be turned away for lack of funds!

*One full-tuition scholarship is available for this class. If you are interested in a scholarship or work-study position, please see our scholarship & work-study page and email this class’s facilitator here .

Hunter Bolin is a poet, translator and revolutionary currently based in Atlanta, GA. Recent translations and poems have appeared inTripwireandDinner. He is the editor of a new poetry magazine that will debut in the first half of 2019 and has a chapbook forthcoming called ‘What Goes Up’

Lotta Thießen is a poet, translator, anarcobucetalist, internationalist feminist, collagist, part-time person, cheese seller and magnet vendor at museum shops. She co-organizes the reading and publication series artiCHOKE. As a poet she has participated in various festivals, such as the Sussex Poetry Festival in the UK and the Microfestival in Prague. Her work has appeared in print and online in Four Minutes to Midnight (Canada), Otoliths (AUS), Architecture & Poesie (FR), SNOW (UK), Splinter (UK), eLyra (PT), and Datableed (UK). She makes and prints chapbooks (her first one In This came out in 2016) and edits the internationalist feminist zine vírgulentxs. She grew up in Portugal and now lives in Berlin.