The Cabbage School convenes for the creation of a
resilient and dynamic community and a functional model
for learning. This is a space to remember and rebuild new
ways of being on this planet while celebrating failure and
prioritizing joy.



two week shack models
Photo by Brett Wyatt

We seek to bring together walks of life previously unconnected to gather outside of a deeply institutionalized framework; a place where individuals can shape their respective work and root it in something meaningful and shared. We are inspired by the rural craft school, which can empower the surrounding community while engaging school residents in local projects– contextualizing the learning environment within the anatomy of place.

The Cabbage School has space in its imagination for all of us, for all of our ideas, large or small, for the possibility of connecting seemingly disparate concepts, for us to carve spoons then eat with them, weave cloth and wipe our faces in it, to pose questions far more than we ever find the answers.

The Cabbage School is a rigorous skill based fool school.