A Living Alter: Plant and Spirit Medicine

October 12-14, 2018

This workshop invites you to delve into the more subtle languages exchanged between the human body & the earth we live on. We will learn to listen & to explore our intuitive, instinctive natures together with plants, stones, & the environment. We will use our senses, learning to trust what we experience. We will find our root: giving our intuitive knowledge a place to return to & be held. I believe that intention, ritual, & using low-doses of plant & spirit medicine offer the greatest healing impact. So, in this 3 day long workshop will work intimately with flower essences, spirit medicine, infusions, as well as plant & stone allies. It is my hope that together with these practices, we will build our lives as we would an altar—-for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, & our planet. Medicine-making, water magic, meditation, embodiment, plant walks, silence, & collective sharing will all be part of our time together.

chanelle bergeron herbalist

Chanelle A. Bergeron is  a flower essence practitioner and creator, an intuitive herbalist, and elemental healer. When she is not in the apothecary, you will find her making improvised & atmospheric sound-collage music under the name of mille, dreaming of the water, and writing poems. She currently resides and practices in Raleigh, NC. You can find more about her offerings online at www.moonbymoonapothecary.com